How to put on compression garments

The Doff N’Donner

Doff N’Donner Instructions

A 90-year old can do it.

Open toe stockings

Doff N’Donner troubleshooting videos

Getting stuck at the ankle

The sock wrinkles at the ankle

Sock overhang

The heel ends up under the foot

Farrow Wrap Instructions

How to put on Juzo Wrap – lower leg

How to put on Juzo Wrap – Arm

The Steve or Sigvaris Simon

Loading the ring for removing

Removing the sock

Trouble shooting 1

Trouble shooting 2

Easy Slide

Putting a compression arm sleeve on fragile skin

Putting on shoes – The Foot Funnel

How to measure for knee-high compression socks.

How to choose the right compression garment

Elastic compression

Non-elastic compression

How to treat Lymphedema after Breast Cancer

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