Foot Funnel Shoehorn alternative

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Better than a long handled shoehorn for putting on shoes.


A better way to put on shoes than a long handled shoehorn. See video below.

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Use / Pros

We came across this simple brilliant invention. Putting on shoes can be difficult when it is hard to reach or bend down. Long handled shoe horns are often awkward to use and require extreme flexibility and twisting motions.  The Foot Funnel Shoe Assist will hold the back of the shoe for you while you slide the foot in. It can be removed with the attached shoestring without bending down. Our patients use this to get shoes on even when the feet are swollen or with bandages on when you need a little extra push without stepping down the back of the shoe. We love to see our patients become more independent. This is one trick that can help.


We can’t think of any cons compared to a traditional shoe horn. Write us if you have any experiences that we can share.

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