Easy Slide Arm Sleeve

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How do you put on a compression arm sleeve? Especially if there is shoulder pain or instability. The double design of the Easy Slide has proven to work well for many of our patients with breast cancer related Lymphedema. It works great even with high compression, custom made arm sleeves.


  • For putting on a compression arm sleeve
  • The most portable device. Fits in scrub pocket, suitcase or purse.
  • Decreases friction for effortless donning.
  • Superior to other arm slide products.
  • Easier to remove after donning.
  • Suitable for caregiver assisted donning or independent donning.


  • For putting on a tight compression arm sleeve
  • When it feels like the arm sleeve is sticking to the skin when trying to put it on.
  • When caregivers assist with putting the arm sleeve on.
  • For people with limited arm or shoulder strength.


  • Easy Slide works great to reduce friction to get the arm sleeve on.
  • The double fabric design makes it easier to remove after the arm sleeve is on.
  • The loop at the end also makes it easier to remove the device after the arm sleeve is on.


  • The arm sleeve can pull back down some when removing the device. You often need to secure the arm sleeve with one hand and make some re-adjustments after the device is removed.

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