Frequently Asked Questions

Lymphedema Treatment Phase

What do I wear to my first appointment?

If we are bandaging up to the knee:
We need to have access to the feet and legs, up to the knees. Shorts works great.
If wearing pants, make sure they are loose enoug to pull up to the knees and back down over the bandages.

If we are bandaging the full length of the leg:
Shorts works great, if you are able to pull the leg part up.
If you are wearing pants, you will need to remove the pants for bandaging. Make sure they are loose enough to put back on over the bandages.

If we are bandaging the arm and hand:

We need to have access to the full length of the arm. A loose short sleeve shirt works well. If wearing long sleeve, make sure it is loose all the way to allow for several layter of bandages underneath.

Can I shower with the bandages on?

For best results in treatment – Leave the bandages on until you come back for your next appointment. It can be difficult to shower without getting the bandages wet.

Discuss options with your therapist. If you live within 30 min drive from the office, you may remove the bandages at home to shower shortly before your appointment. Try to keep the time without bandages to shortest possible. The swelling can begin to return immediately when you remove bandages and it may slow down progress of treatment. Some of our patients use this option once or twice per week.

There is a waterproof cast cover option available for purchase or rent. It is called Drypro Cast Cover
Purchase Price: $37.95 / leg or arm
Rental Price: $10 / week / leg or arm

Do I leave the bandages on?

Yes. Whenever possible. Leave the bandages on until your next appointment.
If it gets uncomfortable. Try to rub the leg to shift it around. Pull on the top or try to walk around on it.
If it becomes painful. Take the bandages off. Save them and bring with you to your next appointment.
Do not cut the bandages since they are reusable.
Sometimes the bandages can shift because the leg or foot became smaller. There are ways to modify how we bandage to make it more comfortable. Discuss with your therapist.

Can I wear shoes with the bandages on?

Most of our clients do not have shoes that will fit over the bandages. It is necessary to use soft padding under the bandages. This does add thickness to the foot portion. There are some alternatives for foot wear.

1. Darco Cast Shoe.
Available to buy or rent.
Purchase price: $19 / shoe.
Rental price: $5 / shoe per week.

2. If you are willing to sacrifice a pair of Crocs, you can cut the top open and tie together with a shoe string. This may be less costly than the Darco Cast Shoe.

Can I drive with my feet bandaged?

Most of our clients are able to drive with the bandages on. But it can be awkward.

You are the best judge of your ability and safety. We recommend that you bring a back-up driver to the first appointment.

How much will the bandages cost?

Sometimes the insurance plan will cover the cost of bandages, but unfortunately, Medicare and most insurance does not cover the cost of bandages. We try to keep the cost as low as possible for our clients. Most of the material is washable and can be re-used to minimize the cost.

You can either purchase or rent the bandages.

Purchase cost.
1 leg. Bandaging up to the knee: $63.34
2 legs. Bandaging up to the knees: 111.07

This is a one-time cost, as long as we are able to re-use the bandages.
Sometimes we need to use additional materials depending on the severity of the condition. If so, we will inform you of the price before we use the material.

In an effort to give lower cost alternatives we have a rental program.

Rental cost.
Bandaging up to the knee: $15 / leg / week.

All disposable materials are included in the price.

Lymphedema maintenance phase / Follow-up  visits

Do I wear my compression garments to the follow-up appointments?


Wear the compression garments to your follow up appointments. Even if the appointment is in the morning.
We want to see how the compression garments are working when they are on. This helps us decide if any changes need to be made.

When do I wear the compression garments?

Talk to your therapist about your specific situation, but the general rule is this:
Put the compression garments on when you get out of bed.
Take them off when you go to bed.
That is – Any time your feet are down. Gravity will work on your feet and legs causing swelling to return without compression garments on.
Wear the compression garments to your follow up appointments. Even if the appointment is in the morning. We want to see how the compression garments are working when they are on.
Don’t give up! It can be frustrating to put them on, but it gets easier with practice.

Can you show me again how to use the Doff N'Donner to put compression garments on?

Our Student showing you how

Our patient showing you how

Loading the cone

Cross leg and roll method

Thigh high garments

Open Toe Garments

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