Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions

A Weight Management Program for Individuals with Lymphedema

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“I wish I could feel better and do more”

Consider This

One of the most common causes or contributing factors to Lymphedema is Obesity. Lymphedema Therapy is effective in reducing the symptoms. But, wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually address one of the underlying causes and improve the condition long-term. Fortunately, Lymphedema and Lipedema have received more attention in Medical research in the last few years. A well-designed weight loss program has proven to be an effective method to improve the conditions.

To address this, Self Care Therapy is now offering a Lifestyle and Weight management program based on the Duke University Lifestyle Clinics evidence-based approach. The program is developed by Leslyn Keith, OTD, OTR/L – LANA


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How do I sign up?

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What our program includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • 12 weekly group meetings
  • 6 individual one-on-one sessions
  • Course manual, complete with PowerPoints, assignments, handouts, and resources
  • Online support
  • The latest clinical research
  • Data collection with body composition technology. (Body fat % and Muscle weight)
  • Guidance from our clinical staff with specialized training.
  • Proven weight loss program based on the Duke University Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, a Low Carb, High Fat, Science-based, well-formulated Ketogenic diet plan.
  • Follow-up with your physician
  • Friendly supportive staff
  • Continuing education
  • Training in shopping dining out, and social situations
  • Recipes and meal planning assistance

There is hope!

Meeting Topics include

  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Eating for Health and Weight Loss
  • Prevention/Management of Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Life Balance and Time Management
  • Planning for Sustained Change
  • Sessions may also include community outings

Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions

is led by an Occupational Therapist / Lifestyle Coach in consultation with your doctor. A prescription is required for enrollment in this program. Our staff can help you request this from your Physician. Your insurance may cover the program.

Bloodwork will be requested prior to starting the program.

Many people have had success with this method.

Deep dive

CLICK HERE to review the results of a study with this method.

CLICK HERE to read an article by Leslyn Keith on the topic.

CLICK HERE for the Nutrition Network’s resource page. Latest research on Low-carb eating.



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