Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment to Self Care Therapy consists of:
  • An evaluation including a review of your health history
  • A list of problems that can benefit from therapy
  • Treatment goals
  • A treatment plan
  • An estimated time table for achieving these goals.

Possible Costs – Lymphedema Therapy


Medicare part B covers 80% of the treatment cost after your yearly deductible is met. If you have secondary insurance it may cover the other 20%. Be aware that some secondary insurance plans have co-pays or yearly deductibles.

We accept most private insurance. Please refer to your insurance plan for coverage of Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services. Unfortunately Medicaid in NC does not cover Outpatient Occupational Therpay services.

Outpatient Therapy is not covered while you are recieving home health services under Medicare.


The cost of the compression bandages for Lymphedema is not covered by Medicare or most insurance plans. Your cost will depend on amount of material used but often ranges between $100 -$200. There is also a rental options. In some cases the bandages can be covered by insurance. There are no material costs for the initial evaluation appointment.

Compression garment

After completed treatment you will need compression garments to prevent the return of swelling. The cost of compression stockings, arm sleeves and gloves are not covered by Medicare or most insurance plans. We will assist you in fitting for and ordering the garment.

The most important price you pay is your effort in following the program. Deviations off the program usually results in longer treatment.

Trying to remember what we went over at the appointment?

No problem! Check out our FAQ section for common questions and links.

Who can refer patients to our therapy center:

Physician | Oncologist | Vascular Surgeon | Case Manager | Nurse & Physician's Assistant | Podiatrist