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Due to a drug interaction, my body went into renal failure and became very edematous. As I recovered the edema gradually resolved except in my lower legs. Robert and his excellent staff got me over that problem very quickly and, since then, I’ve had no more swelling. It was a frightening time for me and the folks at Self Care Therapy gave me the compassionate, professional care I needed to help me heal in every way

Marie Lefebvre

Dear Robert, Connie and Amanda. I want to thank you all for your help and progress in therapy. You are all by far a great team and will highly recommend this wonderful service to any one I come across. Again, Thanks for the excellent care

Dear Robert. Thank you so much for helping my father. His legs look the best in years! From all of us we appreciate your service!

For more than 5 years I have suffered with swelling, pain, sleepless nights and the rest of the misery that comes with Lymphedema. I made the rounds with testing and therapy and was told that I would have to live with a certain amount of swelling, especially a bulge on my left leg. Travelling from Montana caused my swelling to get beyond my control. Thanks to the internet I found Self Care Therapy and in 3 weeks my legs were slimmer than they have been in years. Not only has my care and treatment been so successful, but the training they have given me and my husband in self care is what has been so desperately needed and is greatly appreciated. Thank you Robert, David and all the staff at Self Care Therapy.

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