PikStik Reacher – Grabber

$39.00 excl. tax

Use this reacher with the Doff’N Donner if you can not reach your feet.


We tried many reachers and found one that works with the Doff N’Donner. This opens the possibility to use a Doff N’Donner without bending down or reaching your feet.



For putting on compression garments. When it’s difficult to use the Doff N Donner for putting on compression stockings because it requires one to reach the feet. With some practice it is possible to put on compression stockings with this reacher and the Doff N’Donner without bending the back and hip.

A reacher can off-course serve multiple other uses as well. Picking items that are on the floor or up high.


  • The U shaped grabbing part is wide enough to fit over a loaded Doff N Donner to hold it in place on the floor while pushing the foot through. It’s the only reacher we have found that is wide enough for this.
  • The handle mechanism is large and easy to squeeze without straining finger joints.
  • The grip portion can be turned 90 degrees for two optional ways to hold it.
  • The short length allows for easier to control with less need for coordination and strength.


  • It takes some coordination between hands and feet to use it for putting on compression socks.
  • It takes some practice and patience to learn the technique.

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