Juzo Easy Pad


Rubber mat for putting on and adjusting compression garments using the foot.


  • Extra friction for stocking placement
  • Hands free adjustment
  • Latex free
  • Great addition to most other devices for final adjustments
When I notice that a patient is spontaneously trying to rub the foot on the carpet to push the stocking on or adjust the heel I bring out the Easy pad.
  • If you can not reach the bottom of the foot for a longer time but is able to reach the top of your foot.
  • In combination with a Easy Slide (or the Slippie that comes with Juzo open toe stockings)  to minimize prolonged bending.
  • In combination with the Doff N Donner to minimize prolonged bending.
  • A good addition to any of the donning devices.
  • Allow for use of leg muscles to help getting the stocking past the heel.
  • Assist with final adjustments by rubbing foot against the mat.
  • You usually still have to be able to reach at least the front of the ankle to assist with the hands and gloves.
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