Alps Silicone Lubricant

$19.00 excl. tax

A lubricant for sliding on compression garments. Often recommended for thigh high garments.


  • Reduces friction between fabric and skin
  • Does not stain


I sometimes recommend this product for patients that wear thigh high compression garments or pantyhose. It is a lubricant that makes it easier to rub the stocking on past the knee and thigh.

  • To reduce friction against the skin.
  • Fragile skin.
  • Thigh high stockings to get the thigh portion on.


  • Reduces friction.
  • It only takes a couple of drops to cover a large area since it does not absorb in the skin.


  • Cost can be an issue since it does run out. However, it takes very little per application so even the small bottle will last a while.

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