Sigvaris Sim Slide for Open Toe

$26.00 excl. tax

For sliding open toe compression socks past the heel and ankle. Super simple!


  • The most portable device. Fits in scrub pocket, suitcase or purse.
  • Decreases friction for effortless donning.
  • Easy to remove after donning.
  • Easy to sanitize for institutional use.
  • Stocking slides easy over heel and ankle.
  • Suitable for caregiver assisted donning or independent donning.


  • When the stocking feels too tight to get past the heel and ankle.
  • When caregivers assist with putting on open toe stockings.
  • For people with limited grip strength.


  • Easy Slide works great to reduce friction to get the stocking past the heel.
  • If you can tie your shoes you can probably put on stockings with this technique. I have often experienced that a process that may take over 20 minutes with sweat, pain and frustration without it, can be done in 3 minutes with this technique. I use it any time I assist a patient with open toe stockings.


  • You need to be able to reach your feet to use this tool. If it is difficult to reach the feet because of back, abdominal or hip problems, you may need to consider another solution like The Simon
  • Can be tough on fragile skin. In that case, we recommend the Doff N Donner

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