Medi Butler Off

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Taking compression stockings off can be more difficult than putting them on. That is because you have to reach far away in an awkward angle. If you can almost get the compression stocking off with your hands but need a final push to get it past the heel, then this might be the solution.


If all you need is a final push to get the compression stocking past the heel when removing compression socks.


  • The shape of the handle allows for good grip for pushing the compression stockings off.
  • The lip behind the shoe horn shape and the angle of the shoe horn makes it easy to get a hold of the edge of the compression sock to push it off.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • You still need to be able to do most of it.
  • Not for fragile skin since you have to wedge the device between the stocking and the skin.
  • It can tear the fabric of the stocking if it stretches thin with the device.

Combine with

  • Juzo Easy Pad to rub your foot backwards against to pull the sock off. This will put less strain on the fabric and minimize risk for tearing.

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