Doff N’ Donner Kit

$89.90 excl. tax

For putting on and removing compression garments. By far the most popular device with our patients.


  • Works for getting stockings both on and off
  • Innovative hydraulic design.
  • Rolls the garment on any limb shape and size.
  • Easily apply garments even on newly lotion skin.
  • Stockings can be applied over wound dressing.
  • Great for caregiver assisted donning.
  • Works with thigh high compression stockings
  • Most gentle device for fragile skin.
  • Works with open and closed toe
  • Put stockings on in seconds.
  • No assembly required.


This is by far the most used device by our patients. It has opened the door for many patients that were not able to wear compression garments before.


  • It takes away any friction issues since it rolls the garment on.
  • It has a method both for getting garments on and off. Most other devices only assist with donning.
  • It is gentle on fragile skin.
  • This is the only device I know of that can be used to apply a compression garment on top of a wound dressing without sliding it across.
  • Works even on wet or newly moisturized skin.
  • Works very well with compression arm sleeves as well.


  • There is a learning curve. Both patients and clinicians must be willing to “think outside of the box” and take the time to learn how to use it.
  • With the Donner and cone alone you will need to reach your feet. However, with the use of the Pik Stick and the Easy Pad, it is possible to use it without reaching your feet. Another option if you’re not able to reach your feet is the Steve.

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Trouble Shooting

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I can’t get the donner past the heel.


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