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For pulling on compression stockings when you can not reach. Much stronger than a regular sock aid.


As simple as it seems, it really works well for putting on compression garments. The hole cut in the back allows for the device to turn past the bend of the heel even with a stiff ankle. Used with the handle attachment, it is one of the most effective devices for putting on compression stockings without reaching your feet.

Note: Handle attachment is sold separately. 



This is a good alternative if reaching is difficult. Works best with closed toe stockings, but works for open toe as well. You can use it sitting by pulling on the handles (sold separately) or standing by stepping in to it. For the standing technique you will need to have sufficient balance to lift one foot up high enough and push in. For the sitting technique you will need to have some flexibility in your ankle. It does require some adjusting after to get the heel in the right place.


  • Allows you to use the stronger leg muscles or even your body weight to step into the stocking to get the stocking past the heel.
  • Works well for many of my patients.
  • Low cost compared to the larger versions.
  • Handle attachment allows for easy reach. (purchased separately)
  • The three different sizes allows to match your limb size.
  • It does have a method for removing stockings. This does require some strength in toes.


  • For standing it does require good balance
  • Often requires re-adjusting of the heel placement.
  • Works for open toe but have a tendency to push the stocking too far back on the foot.
  • It does require some grip strength to load the stocking on the frame.

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Handles are sold separately

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