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The compression sock that we recommend to most of our clients.


  • This is the compression sock that we recommend to most of our clients to keep the swelling from coming back after treatment.
  • It has a wide silicone border at the top to prevent rolling and sliding down.
  • It is closed toe to prevent the sock from sliding back over the foot.
  • It comes in precise sizes with options for calf size and length for optimal fit
  • Moisture-wicking and durable


Please call if you need help deciding or need other options. We carry many brands with many options. This is the most used one.


Click here for 3 Step sizing guide

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To prevent swelling in feet, ankle and calf. When cheap support hose do not work. The many sizing options allows for a better fit with evenly distributed pressure. Other compression socks often roll and cut in at the top edge. One reason we like this one is the wide silicone top band. It prevents the sock from rolling or sliding down.

Note if you’re price shopping. Most online stores are pricing the stocking without the silicone border. Our price includes the essential silicone border. A few more $ will only hurt once, no silicone border can hurt every day.

It is important to take the measurements when there is no or minimal swelling. A common mistake is to be fitted for a compression sock when there is a lot of swelling. The size will be wrong and it will not work. It you have no or minimal swelling in the morning, take the measurements then. If there is still a lot of swelling in the morning, we recommend to get Lymphedema Therapy first or self treat with a Non-elastic compression garment like the Juzo Wrap, to reduce the swelling. Then transition to these.

What compression should you get? 20-30mmHg or 30-40mmHg?

Most of our patients need 30-40. They are more difficult to put on but with a Doff N Donner or other devices it can be easy. A lighter compression is slightly easier to put on, but, if your leg swells with the stocking on, it will feel even tighter and can hurt. It needs to be strong



  • Many sizing options allows for a more precise fit.
  • Each size also has two options for calf size. This is important to get the right gradient pressure.
  • Each size has two different length. A sock that is too long will give problems with creasing and painful wrinkles.
  • Strong fabric.



  • Any elastic compression sock, if it is strong enough to keep swelling down, is hard to put on. Most people need to use a device for putting them on.
  • It does fit by foot size. Uses ankle and calf size. The foot portion can be short for men with narrow ankles and larger feet. Medi for Men is recommended in those cases.

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