Easy Slide Off

$29.95 excl. tax

For sliding compression stockings off. Decreases friction. It really works!


  • The most portable device. Fits in scrub pocket, suitcase or purse.
  • Decreases friction for effortless removing of stockings.
  • Easily sanitized for institutional use.
  • Stocking slides easy off heel and ankle.
  • Suitable for caregiver assisted or independent use.


Removing compression stockings can sometimes be more difficult that putting stockings on. It requires strength in the awkward position of pulling away from the body. This device has helped many of our patients. One patient with sensitivity in the feet who would holler in pain when her husband gently tried to assist her with pulling the stockings off. With the Easy off it was a breeze without discomfort. It reduces the friction much like the Easy slide on

  • When it hurts the skin, back or joints when removing the stockings.
  • When stockings are too tight to get past the heel and ankle.
  • Use independently or with assistance.


  • Reduces friction when pulling the stockings off.
  • Requires less force and strength.
  • Works great in combination with the Juzo Easy Pad


  • It still requires you to reach your feet to be independent. If reaching is an issue, try the Ezy Off

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