Medi Assure Butler

$29.50 excl. tax

For putting on compression garments. The most basic device. For an extra push.


The most basic and simple donning frame. When all you need is a little help to get started and get the compression stockings past your heel.


  • One of the lowest priced devices for putting on compression stockings
  • Allows you to use your leg strength to push the foot through the stocking.
  • Can be used in sitting by holding on to handles or in standing by stepping in to the device.


  • Does not work for wider ankles or calves. If so, try the Medi Big Butler
  • Can be difficult to load the compression sock on since hands need to fit in the space between the handles and the stockings. If so, try the Doff N Donner
  • Can be difficult to load for patients with joint pain in hands. We recommend the Doff N Donner in that case.
  • You need to be able to reach down to your ankles. If reaching is difficult, try The Steve or the Ezy As with Handle attachment.
  • Requires good ankle flexion since you need to point your foot straight down to get started. With limited ankle motion we recommend the Ezy As

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