It-Stays – Skin Glue

$13.00 excl. tax

Tired of stockings sliding down? Simply glue them on with a skin friendly body adhesive.


  • Keep compression garments from sliding down
  • Easy to remove with water.
  • Does not hurt the skin
  • No staining.


We always recommend getting compression garments with a silicone border at the top. But, sometimes that is not enough to keep the garments up throughout the day. It can be frustrating to constantly need to pull the compression stockings back up. That is when we recommend to try the skin glue It-Stays. Just roll the glue on to the skin where the top of the garment is. The glue washes off with water.

It can also be used on the foot with open toe compression socks to prevent back sliding.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wash off.
  • Holds up garments well, if garments fit right in the first place.


  • It adds one more step to the morning routine.
  • Can feel sticky, not everyone likes that.

Combine with

Always get a 5 cm silicone border at the top edge of the compression garments.

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