Physiological Quieting CD

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Guided relaxation to reduce the bodies harmful stress response.


Guided relaxation to reduce stress and improve sleep. The negative health effects of stress are well known. This is an evidenced based method to reduce those effects.



To calm the body and mind for sleeping or relaxing. When the mind is churning and keeping you awake.

Stress does not only affect our mind but also our body. The body responds to chronic stress by:

  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Blood clotting factors rise.
  • Digestion slows down.
  • Decreased saliva production (tooth decay)
  • Blood sugar levels rise.
  • Insulin production decreases.
  • Bone formation decreases.
  • Sodium and water is retained (swelling)
  • Bowel and bladder control decreases.

Research has shown that mindful guided relaxation 10 minutes per day can significantly decrease those effects. Pretty simple, all you have to do is listen and relax. If there was a pill that could improve all of the above, everyone would be on it.

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