Easy Slide Magnide On / Off

$45.00 excl. tax

For sliding closed toe compression socks on and off with ease.


  • Works both for putting garments on and taking off
  • The most portable device. Fits in scrub pocket, suitcase, or purse.
  • Decreases friction for effortless donning and removing.
  • Easy to remove after donning.
  • Stocking slides easy over the heel and ankle.
  • Suitable for caregiver assisted donning or independent donning and removing.


  • Works for both on and off. Money saving option if you need both.
  • Reduces friction to get the stocking past the heel. Same as for open toe.
  • The difference can be 3 minutes instead of 20 if you can reach your feet.
  • Travel friendly. Will fit in a purse or a pocket.
  • Cost less than the Doff N’ Donner.


  • Does not work quite as good as the Easy Slide off for removing.
  • Takes some training but very easy when you learn the right technique.
  • Not to recommend if you can not reach your feet because of back, abdominal or hip problem.
  • Not if there is fragile or sensitive skin.The Easy slide will rub against the skin under the stocking when you pull it out. We recommend the Doff N donner in that case.

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