Easy Slide Magnite On / Off

$45.00 excl. tax


  • Works both for putting garments on and taking off
  • The most portable device. Fits in scrub pocket, suitcase or purse.
  • Decreases friction for effortless donning and removing.
  • Easy to remove after donning.
  • Stocking slides easy over heel and ankle.
  • Suitable for caregiver assisted donning or independent donning and removing.



  • Works for both on and off. Money saving option if you need both.
  • Reduces friction to get the stocking past the heel. Same as for open toe.
  • The difference can be 3 minutes instead of 20 if you can reach your feet.
  • Travel friendly. Will fit in a purse or a pocket.
  • Cost less than the Doff N’ Donner.


  • Does not work quite as good as the Easy Slide off for removing.
  • Takes some training but very easy when you learn the right technique.
  • Can be rough on the skin when you pull it out from the stocking.
  • Not to recommend if you can not reach your feet because of back, abdominal or hip problem.
  • Not if there is fragile or sensitive skin near the ankle or shinbone.
    The Easy slide will rub against the skin under the stocking when you pull it out. We recommend the Doff N donner in that case.

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