Medical Yoga

Are health issues keeping you from being the active retired grandparent you want to be?

  • Joint pain?
  • Back pain?
  • Lack of energy?
  • Stress?
  • Overwhelmed with chronic health issues?

Maybe you have seen all the media attention lately about the health benefits of Yoga, but it seems a bit intimidating to dress in tight pants and try to get in to aquard positions in front of other people. Maybe you are worried that you would not be able to do it because of back or joint pain. Maybe you think you need to loose some weight first.

You’re not alone. That is why we have created this unique individualized program. We have seen how adapted Medical Yoga is helping people improve their health and mobility, overcome challenges, feel better and be able to do more.

Medical yoga is a blend of ‘Modern Science’ and classical ‘Hatha Yoga’. From Modern Science, a thurough evaluation is done by a Licenced Occupational Therapist to get the clear picture of the underlying problem. Then the Yoga exercises with specially designed props are used to modify and redesign a posture as per the individual case.

A special sequence of 3 to 5 exercises / postions is generally required to achieve the desired result. These exercises are very easy and comfortable, as they are done with the help of specially designed Yoga-Props like Yoga benches, Yoga Ropes, Yoga Belts, Yoga chairs, etc.

Patients with a variety of chronic health challanges can benefit from Medical Yoga, including balance problems, arthritis, stress related heart disease, chronic back pain, depression, insomnia and more.

Yoga is unique since it addresses the entire body from the inside out, including the mind. Research has shown, and continues to discover how closely the mind affects the body and vice versa.

Our program

1. Evaluation by a Certified Yoga Instructor / Occupational Therapist

2. Individualized yoga / exercises sessions threee times per week for 2-4 weeks. During this time you will develop a self exercise program while learning the techniques.

3. Decrease to one time per week. During this phase you will exercise more at home. The sessions in the clinic will be used to measure your improvement, update and upgrade the home program.

4. Decrease to one time per month. You are now becoming more independent. The sessions will help you stay on track to create a lasting new habit .You will be able to measure your improvement and continue to increase the challange. During this phase you may begin to transition to a yoga program in the public with guidance by the therapist.

Services are covered by insurance if we address a functional limitation because of a medical condition. Ex balance or falls, back pain, joint pain, walking etc.

The goal of Occupational Therapy is to improve the ability to do the things you want to do in your daily life. Feell better – Do more.

The Medical Yoga is a tool to achieve those goals.

With the guidence of a skilled therapist / yoga instructor, anyone can do yoga. The idea is simple. We begin where your are now and improve from there. If you can sit, you can do yoga. Actually, even if you can’t sit. Then we’ll begin there.

You are doing so much for others. Do this for yourself so you can be there fully. Call to set up an evaluation appointment. 910-798-4051

Medical Yoga for Chronic Pain

Life can present many challenges, but challenges can be overcome

What does medical research say about yoga?

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