20 reasons for seniors to exercise

There is no shortage of research to back up the claim, that exercise is good medicine. Even 10 minutes per day can have a tremendous effect on our overall health and well being. Here are 20 proven benefits of exercise.

  1. Improve your mood and decrease depression 
  2. Lower your risk of heart disease
  3. Strengthen your immune system so you’ll get sick less often
  4. Lower your risk for diabetes.
  5. Control your weight
  6. Decrease your risk of falls.
  7. Lower your risk of cancer, including breast cancer and colon cancer.
  8. Increase your energy and endurance.
  9. Reduce pain.
  10. Improve your memory and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  11. Strengthen your bones an muscles.
  12. Decrease your medical costs and need for medications.
  13. Help you stay flexible and limber.
  14. Decrease your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL)
  15. Reduce inflammation (anything ending in -“itis” is inflammation) Root cause for most chronic illness.
  16. Feel better about how you look.
  17. Decrease your blood pressure.
  18. Reduce the negative health effects of stress.
  19. Help you maintain independence.
  20. Increase your chances of living longer.

If there was a pill that would do all of that, with no negative side effects, would you take it?

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