We have power!

We are happy to announce that the power is back in the office. However, the phone line is down. Two therapists are available to see patients now. We know many are evacuated and unable to get back. Others are stranded by flooding. We are assuming that all appointments this week are cancelled unless we hear from you. If you are able to safely drive to the office, please call the office number. Leave a message there or call the cell number that you get when calling the office. If you had an appointment on schedule this week, the time for your appointment may change. Most of all, be safe! Don’t risk you life to get here. We can also consult via phone, so do not hesitate to call with questions if you can not get here.



Trying to remember what we went over at the appointment?

No problem! Check out our FAQ section for common questions and links.

Who can refer patients to our therapy center:

Physician | Oncologist | Vascular Surgeon | Case Manager | Nurse & Physician's Assistant | Podiatrist